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Established in 1987, we provides innovative industrial design, mechanical and manufacturing engineering, complimented by comprehensive productdevelopment and manufacturing services. We offer both turnkey or individualized development services, incorporating the majority of skilled disciplines typically found in research and development departments. Our core competencies provide a fully integrated and concurrent solution for our clients' development programs. We begin each product development program with a detailed review and analysis of our client's product marketing objectives, budget requirements, product appearance and performance specifications. This early, interactive involvement allows us to fully explore a range of solutions. Our integrated team business practice is an effective and dynamic approach to establishing and implementing product development strategies. This process offers a unique project management style that requires client interaction with our team. Our focus is a team commitment to get our clients to their marketplace on time and at the target price.

We offer the most advanced rapid prototyping and rapid tooling solutions including abs, pc, pa66, pom, pp, pps. combining state-of-the-art technology with a highly recognized level of product design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing expertise. We serve many of the largest and most prominent companies in a wide range of industry categories; including consumer products, telecommunications, medical and healthcare, industrial equipment, transportation, toys and collectibles.


We manufacture and develop plastic extrusion tooling including die, sizing and vacuum calibration.  We combine state-of-the-art Design, Building and Development capabilities to provide a full service solution for your extrusion needs. Our first priority is customer satisfaction. We will provide your company un-paralleled dedication to completing your program on-time and within the necessary specifications and tolerances.

We are a full service extrusion tooling facility.   With un-paralleled experience in the design, building and development of precision tooling, we offer complete tooling packages custom-designed and built to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.   Through our over 10 years of experience, We have found the fine balance between state-of-the-art machining and the use of our skilled Die Makers.  This allows us to produce the highest quality tooling to meet your exacting needs. Our Program Manager's responsibility is to follow all aspects of your project, serving as the liaison between the Customer and our internal departments.


President Chi Chai Shen
Foundation date 1987 04 15
Employees 25 (Engineer 8 person/Technical staff 12 person)
Location   #9,Lane 417,Ming An,Rd
New Location 1,200 sqr. m.(2006 Apr.) 
accounting Show Jean Wang
  Shu Hai Ju
Designer J.J. Chang

Lite-On   Asus  GigaByte  K-bridge
Forward Sampotech GM iEi 
Vertex Delta  Tyco ichia
BENQ Scandanavian Health Limited Poprtwell

President    Chi Chai Shen 
Factory director    Ji Ho Chen
Sales Mgr/Tooling     Ji horng Kou
Asst. Mgr    King Fu Wu>
Sales Mgr/Mockup    Wue Shon Wu
accounting    Show Jean Wang
     Shu Hai Ju
Designer    J.J. Chang


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