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 ME                  Mockup

Hand phone       PDA

 Hand held dev.   crystal cup.

metal part              metal tool

siren             Notebook batt.

   Moden            set top box



 Listen –Strategize –Conceptualize

      We lead clients through a four stage  efficient and reliable creation of products benefits.

1 – Listen
The foundation of all successful design is based on understanding the opportunity at hand. Benefits sought in the product are discussed. Environments of use and the users themselves are studied. The competitive landscape is surveyed. Conversations surround the type of experience the client desires to produce for their customers. A very solid understanding of product benefits and clarity surrounding client goals will emerge from this phase

3 – Conceptualize
Two development streams let creative energy loose into concept development. Mechanical layouts of circuit boards and connectors or engines and controls are examined and options for configuration designs prepared. Layout options are documented by CAD. Visual concepts and usage scenarios are examined in sketch form and in quick physical models. These two development streams interact with each other and are merged in a series of progressive models and prototypes until design files are ready for final tooling and production. Validation of designs with usage trials and submission of pre-production prototypes for regulatory testing are initiated. Files ready for production tooling are delivered from this phase.



High speed CNC





Knife Grinder

3D software

(Cimatron, I-deas,Smart cam, edgem CAM)







Mockup Modification.



EDM A                     EDM B


CNC A                CNCB                

Machinery A      Machinery B

DVD A               DVD B



– Implement

development process that fosters the capture the essence of the customer


2 – Strategize
Opportunities for product potential are explored. Initial form and function sketches and sketch models are produced. Company and product brand are reviewed or created, as required. Profit margin analysis tools are provided to the client to produce guidelines for tooling, marketing and product costs. A more rigorous financial analysis and brand competition analysis are conducted. Precise definition of the project is captured in a document (who, what, where, when, why). Out of this phase will come brand and financial guidelines, precise definition of the project constraints, design opportunity and a master project schedule

4 – Implement
Once final prototypes are validated, files are released for tooling. We have a broad, international network of suppliers to select from so that designs are produced as efficiently as possible. Regulatory compliance is finalized. Production floor issues are dealt with. Clients are supported with assembly and quality assurance documents. First production articles are inspected and design files and tools adjusted accordingly. Validation and adjustment iterations occur until production is ramped up. A product ready to sell is the final deliverable.



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